Minkara Monday: SA22C RX7

The first gen RX7 is near and dear to me.  I had a 1983 GS for a while, and I have fond memories of driving that back firing beast to it’s limits in my early 20s.  So this week’s pick is another first gen: missy1623’s RX7 GT Turbo.


It’s not widely known, but while the US only got the 12a motor, and then later the fuel injected 13b,  in Japan there was the option of a 12a turbo making 165hp.  The power to weight on this would be just about the same as the Mazdaspeed Miata,  not bad for the mid 80’s

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Beautiful example.  In the US, it seems that most you find are in a bad state of disrepair if running at all.

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