Minkara Monday: 6444’s Porsche 944

Last week I picked an American car in Japan,  this week I decided to continue with the import trend and pick a German car.  This time it’s the 944 of Minkara user 6444.

I’ve always had a soft spot for the 944.  I’ve always had a thing for “unloved” cars, and the 944 has always been one of Porsche’s bastard step children in the eyes of folks who don’t consider anything a “real” Porsche unless it has the numbers 911 somewhere on the body.  I also tend to prefer FR cars, making the 944 stand out coming from a maker who tends to stick the engine in the back.

6444’s car is a stunning example of an S2.

p1 (10)

No over the top mods here, there doesn’t appear to be more than a set of Recaro buckets and a Quaife LSD.

p3 (3) p1 (9)

I suspect this car is a blast to drive on Japan’s many mountain roads.

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