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Minkara Monday: Hide’s Accord AeroDeck

The newer Accord is a pretty nice ride,  aside from looking great, it can be had with a 278hp V6 making it pretty damned quick as well.  Earlier iterations of the Accord had a little more variety however.  In the US you could get it as a 2 door hatch that looked quite nice with its pop-up headlights.  That version however has nothing on the AeroDeck model.  Looking like an 80s Accord up front, and a 3rd gen Civic hatch in the rear.  I only recently discovered this model, and I hate that it never came to our shores.

Minkara user Hide has a beautifully preserved example.  I have no details on the car, so I’ll just let his photos do the talking.


p3 (7) p2 (8) p1 (19) p1 (18)



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