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Radwood Austin 2019

As a regular listener of the wonderful automotive podcast Driving While Awesome, I learned about Radwood when it was still in its earliest stages.  An entire show dedicated to all things 80’s and 90’s seemed like a dream come true.  That period of cars has been my favorite as long as I’ve been a car enthusiast.  It was, well, rad to see that era finally get some well-deserved attention.  But as with so many automotive events, it was on the West Coast.

Radwood was a wild success and many more events have popped up since then, including one in March of this year in my home of Austin TX.  As auto events go, the only thing that I was more excited for was the Tokyo Auto Salon last year.  So of course I bought my ticket asap and counted the days until I could take in a sea of automotive radness.

The main photo dump is below, but I wanted to single out a few cars that really caught my eye.

Of course no rad lineup is complete without the Delorean. It’s practically “the” car people think of when they think of the 80s.


The F40, perhaps the greatest supercar of the 80s
If any car could give that F40 a run for its money as greatest supercar of the decade, its the 959.
These cars are really rare in such good shape. I had an 85 that I purchased non-running and kinda got limping along. I’ve always had a soft spot for these
A pair of JDM Toyota Seras. I recently learned that the doors on the McLaren F1 were inspired by this car.
Really mean looking FC
Now that the R33 is legal for import, you are starting to see a trickle of them. Given that it seems to be less liked than the R32 or R34, I wonder if we’ll see these pop up in the same numbers as the R32 on these shores.
Beautiful 3rd gen Supra sporting 3 spoke wheels and Advan livery. Just perfect
I’ve snapped this car before at Cars and Coffee, but I always stop to look it over. These arent super popular here, which is a shame because its just beautiful.
The 25 year law has opened up a wide range of really cool kei cars to the US. I’ve seen quite a few of these at various shows lately, and this one is stunning.
This is one I suspect we’ll start to see more and more. Not as loved as the AE86, Toyota made some really cool FWD 4AGE equipped cars as well
Usually found in pretty bad shape, the S12 chassis never gained the same popularity as the S13 and S14 here, which is a shame. This one was in nearly flawless condition, easily the best S12 Ive ever seen.
I fell in love with the Starlet GT after getting a bootleg Option2 VHS back in the day covering FWD tuning. They built up a beastly Starlet and I’ve wanted one since. It was a real treat to finally see one in person.


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