My Tokyo Trip 2011

Most of these pics had been posted to my personal blog soon after the trip, but I decided to repost them here as well.  2011 was a year of great change for me, I was feeling very “seize the day” and when an unexpected bonus fell in my lap at work, I decided to book a trip to Japan the same day.  I’ve wanted to visit as long as I was aware of the concept of international travel, so I was thrilled to finally be going on my dream trip.  It was unfortunately short, about 4 or 5 days in all, but since I was traveling alone, I was able to sight-see pretty quickly and got to take in quite a bit.

Highlights include:

  • Totally ignoring common sense and all advice and renting a car, driving to RE Amemiya in Chiba, and returning via the Wangan.
  • Visiting a Super Autobacs
  • Karaoke until 5am
  • Sitting in traffic behind an R34 GTR, who was sitting behind a MKIV Supra.
  • 7-11 and Lawson.  Seriously, convenience stores are awesome over there.
  • Seeing all of the city from Tokyo Tower.

I’m making plans to return, although I don’t have any solid details yet.  Needless to say, I can’t wait to get back there.  My camera broke at some point during the trip, so many of these were taken with an iPod touch, so please excuse the quality.

This track ready TVR was parked right across the street from my hostel.
This stuff is dangerous, perfect way to kick off my first night in Tokyo.
Since Tokyo is so safe, I took late night walks pretty much every night to explore the area around my hostel. I ran across this Z32 Fairlady on my first night.


In addition to cars, I also dig scooters. This particular style is seen very often in the US under different names, most people don’t realize it’s a clone of the Honda Joker.
Yes, vending machines are almost everywhere in Tokyo. They are amazing.
I spotted this beautiful R33 wearing my very favorite wheels. As I closed in for a better shot I realized the owner was asleep in the drivers seat. Oops.


CRX in Akihabara.


9378310649_4df5f07ba8_o (1)
The Suzuki Wagon R I rented.
From the drivers seat of my rental car. Time to see if I can cope with a rhd car.
The Toyota Mega Web is a giant showroom displaying every current Toyota as well as some historical models here and there.

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RE Amemiya

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