Minkara Monday (sorta): Chiro’s Honda Fit

I decided to take a week off from posting, and then got too busy to post the Minkra car of the week, so here we are a day late. Welcome back everyone!

This week I’ve decided to select a car that’s one of my favorite normal passenger cars, the Honda Fit.  My wife drives one and as the person who has to work on our cars when they break, I’ve been pleased that I’ve not had to fix a single issue with it.  Aside from being a spacious and comfortable car, it’s also not entirely boring when you want to go on a spirited drive.  True, it handles like a drunken goat compared to my Miata or MR2, but for being a sub compact economy car,  its suspension is quite lively.

This particular Fit is owner by Chiro.  His profile is light on details, but does mention that he’s owned it over 10 years and has about 140,000km/87,000 miles on it.  From the images you can see the Last Station Power Box intake, Work Emotion Wheels, Tanabe strut tower bar, and some sort of roof brace.  This collection surely adds a little bit of extra fun while keeping the car reliable and comfortable.

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